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11/13 Monday Announcements

Hi Honors Huskies!

We’ve got two important announcements that we just couldn’t wait until our weekly announcements to share. 


    FREE Symphony at Benaroya Hall 

    The concert is on Thursday, Nov. 16, starting at 7:30 at Benaroya Hall. Access to Benaroya is very easy via light rail (just get off at the University Street station; just before you exit the station on 2nd Ave, there is an elevator that takes you directly into the lobby at Benaroya). Tickets will be available at Will call (on the north end of the lobby).

    Here is the link to order tickets. Enter promo code MUSIC before selecting your seats to unlock Complimentary Tickets. Pricing will adjust in your shopping cart. Limit 4 tickets per household. Tickets are available until they run out.

    The concert opens with a short piece by Anna Meredith, Nautilus (for electronic instruments, at least in this link, although check out the cool tuba player); it is followed by a concerto for electric bass, by the Finnish composer Lauri Porra. The piece is really atmospheric, with lots of interesting special effects from the solo electric bass player and the orchestra (especially the percussion). Here’s a link; the composer will play the electric bass at the concert (and he’s on this video). The second half of the concert features a traditional symphony, No. 5 by Jean Sibelius, a great Finnish composer (and, I learned, the great-grandfather of the electric bassist!). The conductor is a young woman, Dalia Stasevska.


    Full-year Study Abroad in Tokyo, Japan 

    University of Washington Honors Program students are invited to apply for this interdisciplinary leadership program which runs autumn 2024-early summer 2025 in Tokyo, Japan.

    Students will receive UW credit (Honors or other credits per pre-approval). Dorm housing is provided by Waseda. Accepted students will cover tuition (equivalent to UW tuition) airfare, food, and personal expenses.

    Students accepted to this “integrated study abroad” program will engage with a small cohort of GLP Waseda exchange students who are spending the current academic year at the UW. In addition, during the year long program at Waseda University, UW students will work with a cohort of students from US universities who are part of the GLP cohort (Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of Chicago, and University of Washington).

    Current second and third year students from all majors are encouraged to apply (to see a list of course offerings click here.)

    Current Waseda University students are also invited to apply for the Global Leadership Program. Waseda students accepted to the program will participate in Honors Program courses and be part of the Honors community at the UW. Waseda GLP students will take Honors classes and also classes in their majors. Other classes taken at the UW would be specific to the student’s majors or elective credits. Students will benefit from personalized advising through the UW Honors Program and UW Study Abroad.

    Find more information on our website